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Path of Exile: Merciless - Build: "All I Use Is Fireballs"

2014-05-05 02:16:50 by Insanctuary

3614832_139927016142_FireWitchLevel50.png3614832_139927020133_FireWitchLevel50DominusSecondForm.png3614832_139927025492_FireWitchLevel50MercilessPortal274deathsglasscannon.png This may not be hardcore mode, just keep in mind that I took down Cruel Vaal Oversoul with 0 deaths. One lightning beam took me down to 20hp, however. So I am skilled as a player in spite of the mode. It says 274 deaths, but most of those deaths actually were from: 1) strong box killing me whether it be status ailment, or lag spike, 2) killing myself over and over trying to kill a boss whether it be a retarded unique boss in a corrupted area, an Act Boss or some absolutely retarded unique boss like the one you can find in the Sceptre of God spamming lightning traps out of its ass. I completed Normal mode (Piety) - up until sceptre of God... - with only 2 deaths, 1 from a strong box, and the second from Piety being an OP PoS when you have no resistances, because again, I went glass cannon like a first-class retard - and it was worth every second.

TL;DR 69 Dexterity


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