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Stupidity had forever changed my life.

2014-06-02 16:58:04 by Insanctuary

So after I was banned from the forums for 7 days because a mod has a judgement hammer so far up his ass, people call him Judge Booty, and has no idea what "trolling" means; just uses it interchangeably to support his tactless arguments which are very provocative and precise, I must say: "lel troll; lel ban", I then move onto the next step.

After being kicked out of PM privileges, wall post privileges, when before I was giving them a chance to keep this civil; I had the evidence and everything to prove my ban was unjustified; I then took it to the forums and made a beautiful spectacle out of myself to people with untrained minds; and a spectacle out of the entire situation plus mods to people that have trained minds.

I then said fuck it, everyone wears their ears backwards, so I contacted Tom/Wade to delete every last one of my accounts. Wade told me to "PM him on each account"; I did as majesty said, but, what Wade didn't tell me to do was respond with only "Delete this account" - instead, he told me that he wasn't going to delete my accounts, because even he is as naive and erroneous as the forum mods!

This world is SO stupid - I can't even get my accounts deleted! Ahahahahahaha! You have no idea what I'm feeling right now; and it's not even anger or frustration anymore. It's relief. IT's so much relief, knowing that people are THIS stupid! Thank you, for lifting me up, while showing me how much of a hole you guys dug up for yourself.

I am in your debt - no literally, I'm dancing inside your hole right now. na nana na na!

I am now in love with stupidity. The wisest words you'll ever hear in your entire excuse and a lie of living.



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2014-06-02 17:08:19

make your own forum if you dont like this

Insanctuary responds:

Stupidity owns you.

Stupidity is love.

Stupidity is life.


2014-06-02 17:19:42

why were you banned? I'm confused

Insanctuary responds:

It's a 9 letter word.


2014-06-02 17:35:23

Nobody calls me Judge Booty.

It's far more obvious to say that I have a stick up my arse.

(Updated ) Insanctuary responds:

Stick in the mud.

Stick in the good.

Stick in the blood.

Stick in the could.


2014-06-02 19:55:07

Sounds like you got a bit in you yourself.
Try not to let things that don't matter, like some online flash portal forum, bother you.

Insanctuary responds:

Dick Weed Productions


2014-06-03 11:15:59

New feature request : Delete your own account
I guess it's need to be implemented

Insanctuary responds:

New feature request : Stupidity Tracker


2014-06-03 13:38:13

What DWProductions said.

Who cares.

Insanctuary responds:

Stupidity never cared.


2014-06-04 01:24:49

Awww C: you're awesome bae
Love you so much boo dont let them get to you always stay true to your dreams <3

Insanctuary responds:

Cute response.


2014-06-04 01:42:34

9 letter word..


Insanctuary responds:

No, ignorance is natural.

Stupidity is not at all natural.


2014-06-04 10:02:33

Why are you even in the artists news? And why not just abandon the site and let the accounts be?

Insanctuary responds:

The same way I will not allow stupidity to "be".


2014-06-04 12:22:59

Oh wait now I get it, your talking about yourself with all those remarks like "Stupidity never cared.".

Yes, the newgrounds mods are quit intolerant to asses that spam the forum or/and the portal.

Insanctuary responds:

No, you do not get it.


2014-06-04 19:08:44

Your inbox is full

(Updated ) Insanctuary responds:

Good thing I treat my past like I treat my ass. ;)

Sorry about that.