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After sitting in my house for years.

2014-06-04 20:20:59 by Insanctuary

I just walked into a college campus, used my charm and influence, to find two professors; one of physics, the other of chemistry, and gave them my all. No security guard gave me trouble. Everyone I talked to fell under a trance when I went up to talk to them; I suspect nobody was familiar with seeing a nobody come up with so much passion and wisdom.

So one professor was religious; I liked this man, although it was depressing to see he was restricted by his occupation paradigm. He called it "god", I called it "Universe". We respected that. He wanted to hook me up with someone else he thought was intelligent compared to the other students, but he really hadn't the knowledge of where he was at the time. But all in all, he respected and resonated with my passion and theories.

Now, the next professor was a science-minded, textbook, I don't think type of guy. He would never answer unless he already had the answer. He never speculated or attempted to theorize, even though they do that in science; he was uncomfortable with it. When he asked me questions, he wanted the only answer he already knew, nothing else. When I asked him questions he could not answer, he told me to "prove it". What a joke. This man was a robot. Repeated everything from science books; did not think for themselves. No emotion, whatsoever. Spoke in sentence fragments, being dull and reactive like a machine. Also depressing to see.

The sad part is, I got nothing from that hauling ass trip. I mean, I did show my family that I was unusually brave and fearless, but they already knew, especially the way I can control entire family homes, and scare high authorities. I learned more from driving on the way there, than I did being there. What did I learn? Well, I learned that there was a connection between how clouds form in the sky, and ideas form inside our mind. I remembered how comics display thought clouds to represent thoughts from the mind, so I thought maybe that metaphor was universally using two different concepts which were actually tied together in reality. I then thought how a man without an idea, is a man without emotion. A sky without a cloud, is a sky without storms.

Back to sitting around and sojourning for another great coming because this society is built on idiocracy.


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2014-06-04 22:36:43

It's times like this, I really regret not having met JordanD at last year's Pico Day |: Can't judge the scientist too harshly, his job is to explain unseen bits of the Universe in such a way, as other less minded individuals, can reverse engineer stuff from it - science + _?__ = profit :3 And as we all know, money is the root of all evil....

(Updated ) Insanctuary responds:

Today's scientists are not the same scientists that were facing the birth of tangible discoveries upon analysis, observation and demonstration.

Today's scientists are so backwards and blind, all they are managing to do is go down formulas upon formulas based on one simple formula of which is all they really needed to form a consensus from.

Like children play with their food; today's scientists play with their formulas.


2014-06-04 22:59:00

Yeah, modern science is a far cry from 19th century Naturalists, and post Black Death scientists, toiling in observation, from the ground up. Once they can explain this and the Weak force, maybe I'll buy what they're selling. I'm sure the world would be a much more genuine place, if the religious and psychics academia were on the same campus :)

(Updated ) Insanctuary responds:

As much as I would like to see other-side thinkers dealing with the other side of Science, my mind is too analytic to agree with it. It would be a disaster to will such different thinkers to side together, on top of a society that doesn't know the difference between a spinoza god and an anthropomorphic god. If we allow different sides to come together in a society built on prejudice and hatred; we would be undoing the last string that holds everything together.


2014-06-04 23:16:14

IDK man, I'm from the school of thought, that science (the State, establishment) and religion should be separate, but equally respected, like in the US Constitution. Having these two groups shop at the same grocery store, satisfies a certain bent appeal, when the truth is involved... besides, there's a shit-ton of religions in our past and present, and all have served to show us the face of God/Universe, while science can only render us a bitmap.

But it's late, and I'm old......

(Updated ) Insanctuary responds:

Do you know where hatred does not exist?

Where belief also does not exist.

If we want people who think logically, figuratively, poetically, personally, to come together; we will need people to stop turning their beliefs into weapons.


2014-06-10 23:30:08

Just wanted to sit with this a little before I said anything. I think we can tend to rush into things without putting the filter on our thoughts when speaking.
This truly was an enjoyable read, and I like your observations and the poetic closing with the philosophy of the human mind.

Two things:
You gave them your all, and you got nothing from that trip. I can understand that this could just be your choice in the stylistic narrative to create such a fun read, but minus the drive to and from there, I can't take that to be entirely true. At least not with the kind of observant mind one has such as yourself. But even if it was, what did you expect?
Perhaps you went with the wrong approach. One can learn something from anyone, and even your "average fool" has something to offer. But that requires humility and an eager mind to find something new. I imagine the whole professor-relationship is about listening rather than a chat. It's been set up that way, and its merely the role of how it's done nowadays.
Whether it should be that way or not, I'll just say that I gained most when I used that same reflective thought during the conversation/lecture as I attempted to behave as if I knew nothing. What I've learned is that wisdom typically doesn't accompany with the output of words.

Insanctuary responds:

All I got from there was depression and agony from seeing these people giving up their own ability to think for themselves for this low-level paradigm based on the minds of student's way below the learning curve of their own.

That's all there is to it. It was Q.Q


2014-06-10 23:42:09

Ha so it seems the first professor probably got excited because of your level of passion and knowledge that he doesn't come across too often.
That starts a whole other discussion when it comes to how and why these are taught. And yes, you probably won't come across that in any other form.

Insanctuary responds:

Both professors were taken by surprise; one was open; the other, oblivious.