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We're all insane, according to my dream.

2014-06-10 14:14:24 by Insanctuary

Just had a dream where my night terrors feel like they got very old and cheap. It really feels like my night terrors are not even close to as powerful as they were one time. I rarely have them, but I still lucid dream like nobody's business. I was just in my brother's room, when the night terror hit at some point, I jumped off the bunk bed, into the hall way and picked up the unhinged door to my brother's room. I said, "why is this door so broken", then when I looked over the door, I saw my brother's closet door opening, so I used the door I was carrying to block my vision with what ever the night terror wanted to bring me as a present of brutal enlightenment. I threw the door away, and I peered into the abyss, to find my vision blurring and my breaths becoming so deep I was losing oxygen. I walked forward, and I saw a coat stand with a paper bag over its head walking towards me (old and cheap, lol). Believe it or not, the night terror still was strong enough to make me think twice, but I just walked into the abyss and ignored my father clearing his throat in the background and what ever that thing was.

I was then transported to this very nice place where this guy was singing, "We are allllll insaaaaaaaaaaaaane; yes weeeeeeeee arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre!".

It was actually a very beautiful and moving voice to listen to. It ringed in my ears until I woke up.


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2014-06-10 18:01:13

well i agree

(Updated ) Insanctuary responds:

I do too; but there's more to this man singing that message than what meets the senses.


2014-06-10 18:59:29

Wise words.

Insanctuary responds:

Help me with my song, baby.


2014-06-10 19:35:35

Wait, which?

Insanctuary responds:

My most recent song.


2014-06-10 19:38:25

Hahha, this is a very interesting dream. I'm sure we're all insane on some level. Usually, one is not aware that one is insane, so it might well be true! Then again, what does "insane" really mean? Is it to be defined by humans, or something else? :)

Insanctuary responds:

Sanity is transcendence.

Insanity is another way of saying, "chaos".


2014-06-10 20:25:16

Heh, yeah. Let me rephrase myself. I didn't mean what insanity is in the form of meaning. I should've asked "when?", and not "what?". When I said who is to define insanity, I meant who is to determine who is "sane" and who is not. I doubt that one could call it a fine line :p

Insanctuary responds:

I can determine it because of the way each behaves according to natural law.


2014-06-10 20:31:05

I agree with your reply to Lucid's remark. :) I find insanity to be quite fun to dive into...well, from time to time at least in moderation as when I'm capable to turning it off.

I wanted to comment on your last post, but I didn't have time to sit and write--you're posting faster than I can gather my thoughts

Insanctuary responds:

Then gather faster. Hire psychical slaves. ;)


2014-06-10 21:21:33

Of course, there are ways to observe people and see how they act compared to the rest of the group. What is insanity in one country, might not be in another though. Is a psychopath insane for killing people mercilessly? Send him back to more brutal times and he will be a hero. If someone has an unsevere case of OCD, and knows about it and can handle it, is that person still insane? No, it is a stronger word than that. A fine line is still impossible to draw, in my eyes, as definitions are relative. Someone who is insane to you mustn't be insane according to someone else, especially that person.
You say you dreamed about someone saying "we are all insane."
Yet, you claim you can distinguish between sanity and insanity?
Do you agree with the man in your dream, or do you think ther are sane people around?

Insanctuary responds:

Nope. You know when a politician is lying, and when a man from nowhere is genuine.

We have such a powerful tool of analysis, that objectivity is not forbidden.

I agree that we are all insane. However, I feel that the insanity they speak of is a more intellectual version of the derpy fun house straight jacket no-window-room squatter.


2014-06-13 21:53:57


Insanctuary responds: