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Maybe it's because people are retarded and ignorant that even Einstein said its infinite.

2014-06-22 23:44:15 by Insanctuary

Again, I am banned for speaking the truth because people expect me to pretend people aren't absolutely retarded and stupid after asking me stupid questions that clearly demonstrates to a T that they are children trying to sound mature in a world that consists of more than 50% of the population having no knowledge of the sun being a star.

The most amazing thing of it all, though, is the fact that nobody can fake what I do. I stand, I fight, I speak, I am a fearless man that doesn't even care that one day he'll be assassinated. I do not live in fear. Nor do I live in delusion or this politically correct society consisted of merely conformists.
You'll never see a man fake passion, 

You will never see a man faking anger, passion and relentless behavior.

You will always see a man faking love, politeness and respectful behavior.

You will never see a man faking anger, passion and relentless behavior.

You will always see a man faking love, politeness and respectful behavior.

Trolls are fakers - what I do can not be faked, because I am not faking what I do. Nobody can pretend to be what I am, because you have to legitimately be strong-minded, self-ridiculed, fearless and ready to stand for both, the dark times and the good times. Most people in today's society are so broken down and deprived of their self esteem, that they live it in pride and false sense of security; they believe that they should build themselves to become bigger rather than break themselves apart like you should because even the Universe has the death of a star creating new life.

A huge chunk of this society consists of dead stars that simply do not want to let go to experience the super nova / black hole which creates new life. Life cannot grow, become and be if nobody learns how to let go and thinks holding on is a strength, when it's a weakness.

I let go of everything. I sacrificed my desires. Instead of wrapping my experience around my heart; I wrapped it around the Universe to continue its cycle.

What do I get for this? Silence. Suppression. Oppression. Aggression. Hypocrisy. Delinquency. Obscurity. From those that call me the enemy, the troll, the asshole, when I have more virtue and responsibility than anyone I have ever met on the face of this planet.

The real enemies are those that forget their animal - that forget they are human. Those that play on their strengths, not their weaknesses. Those that want to reach the stars before dealing with their fears. Those that make a dream before making a reality.

They are the poison to our cosmic potential - they are the ones that should be seen as the threats to our lives and our experiences as chameleons of the stars; as children of the stars.

You are all fighting against the wrong people and letting evil prevail because it's faking your love, your peace, your respect and everything that plays your heart's note.

Think with your brains.

See with your brains.

Feel with your brains.

Your heart is naive. Your experience is unborn - it's never becoming. It's still an illusion / delusion. Break away from your chemicals and emotions and start understanding this Universe through vibration, frequency and energy.

Your brain only hurts when you think too much.

Your heart hurts when you are too weak.

This is why you can not use your heart. Protect it. With your brain - not your emotions and feelings.

Your emotions and feelings are cosmic animals that attack the wrong people because you forget that truth hurts you as much as the lies and pain of this world. You need to wake up and face reality - you are destroying reality the more you stay asleep in the dream you've created to comfort yourself, when nobody learns through comfort and bubbles; only through pain and blood. We can't change without pain!


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2014-06-23 00:24:16

Johny Deep


2014-06-23 00:38:53

i dont know lol


2014-06-23 01:07:40

Finally a person that see's my point of view.


2014-06-23 01:39:09


(Updated ) Insanctuary responds:

When will you realize that by saying "it's too long; not worth reading", but not saying "my post is too short; not worth reading", it contradicts itself?

You don't deal with big issues because you're a small mind. You make big issues out of small issues to compensate for your inability to work with both sized issues as I had clearly demonstrated here.


2014-06-23 02:39:44

Butthurt level: 100%

(Updated ) Insanctuary responds:

There's a difference between being butt hurt, and being betrayed.

Of course you wouldn't know, hence your entire life hasn't amounted to anything being worth betrayed on.


2014-06-23 03:19:50

I'm sorry. And you're right. My life is worthless until I get banned off the NG BBS. Then I can complain about how much smarter I am then everyone else.

(Updated ) Insanctuary responds:

The fact that you think this is about a silly site tells me all I need to know about you.

Maybe if you actually read what I wrote word for word, you wouldn't be using internet adages as a form of response, and actually have a very enlightening and compact post.

The fact that thousands of other idiots do what you do, while very few do what I do (great minds, too), tells me again all I need to know about you.

You'll never see a great mind acting like a keyboard warrior because they can't be anymore than that. You wouldn't survive without internet or an ego.


2014-06-23 03:44:42

"You wouldn't survive without internet or an ego."

The irony is stunning.

Insanctuary responds:

You admit to it, while including me in it remains an accusation.

That is a win/lose situation.


2014-06-23 07:16:52

I don't usually comment like this on news posts like this, but I guess I'll make an exception.

I can clearly see that you are very intelligent, which most people would not deny. You also seem to despise stupidity, which is understandable. The thing is, you won't get anywhere on your own. No matter how right you are, you won't change anything if you can't convince anyone :/
People listen to people they like and/or respect, and neither is earned by not listening to others.

You speak of great minds. There are bound to be several out there, but I'm willing to bet that most of those are far more compassionate than you are. You judge people too quickly, in my opinion. I've often seen you jump on people, calling them stupid/ignorant/whatever for writing the shortest of comments, giving you no real ground to judge them on. Granted, you might know some of those people from before, but surely not all of them. You are so focused on your own point of view that you seem unable to see others for what and who they are.
I really get som narcissistic vibes from you, and that is not a compliment, nor the opposite; simply an observation. Maybe that is because you only listen with your brain?
Even the greatest of minds are affected by emotions. You mention Eintstein. If you know anything about his life, you will know that even he had a heart, and I don't see it as a weakness.
The truth may hurt, and so may lies. But if you never get hurt at all, you will ceace to feel anything at all.

There is no more difficulty in faking anger than there is in faking happiness. Control freaks fake anger all the time, in order to make another part feel guilty, which makes the faker feel powerful. Passion on the other hand, is meaningless to fake, as it is needed for faking itself.

In summary, I disagree with some aspects of your post, though not with others. It may well be that pain is key in change. But if that means to abandon most of what makes us human, what is the point of being enlightened? Especially if you become so cold to those around you by abandoning your heart, locking it in. You can't protect anything by putting it in a prison; it will wither away and die.

(Updated ) Insanctuary responds:

If you knew the truth behind my reasons and why I thought of "For The Feeble; By The Feeble", you would commit psychical suicide.

Every day, I keep myself from becoming a psychopath.

And relate to the anger and pain of those that failed.

With no remorse for those that suffered; for we all have contributed to the monsters we have created far too long.

If you're still resorting to love and sympathy in a jungle that pretends to be a society, that wants to be human, but breeds more animals than human, then you have yet to take responsibility as I had done years ago.


2014-06-23 12:10:28

No, this guy is stupid. Don't be fooled by the walls of text he makes.


2014-06-23 13:40:08

I've been like you once. Thinking all the time, writing large texts. Trying to find the meaning of life, the perfect philosophy, the only right way to live. It all ended as soon as I felt that I was being arrogant towards other people. I realized that the only thing that I truly want is to spread kindness. I destroyed these thoughts like the ones you are having - they lead nowhere - and now I am free from the chains of mind.
Humans will never be perfect, so please, stop trying to transcend the universe.


2014-06-23 14:12:03

.....did you ever take the moment to see a psychologist (not psychiatrist, those suck and are pretty useless to most people now)? Seriously, chill out. Life is too short to complain this much. You need a new perspective on yourself, obviously it's not getting you anywhere and makes people only see you as an angry rambler. So question, how do you change that? Simple, you take the time to maybe say "hey, maybe I'm wrong", and consider the fact maybe you've actually been a jerk this whole time.

I'm not trying to be mean, no, don't take my words as insults, but I hope I'm not wasting my time, because with anyone I attempt to reach out to, it has purpose. You obviously have anger issues, consider that for a moment and see that maybe it's clouding your judgement. I used to write facebook statuses like this in the past because I had anger problems. Plus, this is a website with forums, if you really think there isn't more to life, get outside more. There's a whole world to see.

You have the mind of a writer, but you'll need the heart of a wise man to avoid stuff like this from happening again. I could be wasting my time, but if you actually THINK as you say you do, then think about what I've said. Please? I care about people, maybe you need someone to say this to you. You think too much, I used to do that, you can go into deep thinking but sometimes it goes TOO far. It can lead you into insanity. Don't look so highly on yourself, question yourself. I question myself every day to keep my heart in check.


2014-06-23 19:13:33

To believe that you stand alone with knowledge no other could hold without crumbling under the pressure leaves one to question if you truly know as much as you feel. You speak, but you do not understand. You fight, but know not what for. You attack issues where they don't exist, and we all watch as you seemingly kick at air.

But I understand there is something there. There is something you see, that you want to beat. That's when you need to ask yourself questions, and more importantly, if they are the right questions.

If the entire world is ignorant to what you see... one has to wonder if perhaps they are the one that is seeing incorrectly. If what one perceives makes them angry, frustrated, and incapable of connecting with their peers, one must wonder if what they perceive is worth perceiving. Most importantly, if one can not change what they see, isn't it better to live life instead concentrating on what they can change?

Consider listening to the words of the Dalai lama. A spiritual leader whom is probably more 'awake' than most of us in the world (including you). Notice how his understanding free's him? Meanwhile, what you seem to know makes you more trapped. You are not awake. You are having a nightmare.


2014-06-23 21:16:43

Woah. Calm down a little. Walls of text like this do nothing but make everyone (probably including yourself) confused and frustrated. Take the time to talk someone and actually discuss whatever your thinking, it helps more than it seems. Stay away from forums and the like, unless it's on a site made specifically for such discussions. (Co3xist, for example) Hell, you could even talk to me if you feel like. Just stop this whole thing, it's obnoxious.


2014-06-24 03:56:12

"I let go of everything. I sacrificed my desires." - that's certainly why you keep trolling, because that needs no reason.

"You will never see a man faking anger, passion and relentless behavior." - you keep relentlessly trolling us AND seem pretty angry about it.

"What do I get for this? Silence. Suppression. Oppression. Aggression. Hypocrisy. Delinquency. Obscurity." - some obscure poster with, what to me seems agressive, writing is a hypocrite, check.

I guess I practice "Silence [no] Suppression [yes]. Oppression [yes]. Aggression [yes]. Hypocrisy [no]. Delinquency [wait what?]. Obscurity [yes - noone knows me and I don't care about it]." right now while you practice "Silence [sadly no]. Suppression [yes - you don't seem to accept any but your own oppinion]. Oppression [thank goodness you are in no position]. Aggression [sure sounds that way]. Hypocrisy [yes]. Delinquency. Obscurity [yes]."

"You will always see a man faking love, politeness and respectful behavior." - as if I could be bothered to stay polite with someone whose inane rumblings sound as if he's drunk whenever he posts with less grammatical errors. Do us ALL, yourself included, a favour and delete you NG account.

And hell no I wont appologize. Life your delusive bubbledreams of selfgrandeur somewhere else.


2014-06-24 05:16:49

I'll avoid any picking, and leave you simply knowing that I've enjoyed reading both this and the comments below.


2014-06-24 10:07:16

The one type of smart person I hate is the kind who can't get over the exaggerated size of his intellect.

Whatever, it's good poetry.


2014-06-24 10:10:23

The one's who think their perception of life is the right way. The one's who think everyone else is wrong.


2014-06-24 10:46:20

lol this trol though. And no, you are not worthy of anything "deep" coming from we. But hey feel free to PM me how you think I am less intelligent than you.



2014-06-24 11:05:54



2014-06-24 22:39:06

I read everything... am I insane?


2015-08-05 01:57:34

Please be alive...


2016-02-05 05:22:36

I respect your intelligence and i would really like to hear what you would have to say if you are still alive...I don't know what my life's purpose is or if I have even found it yet but I I;m here to let you know that I want to understand your thoughts and maybe understand this world a little bit more but like some say the more you know about the world the more depressed you become because you realize that the world is fucked up because everyone wants to hurt each other all the time and bash ideas. Maybe even I would come to hate you for your thoughts but atleast I tried ya know maybe I wish I knew... I just wish i knew