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Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm a sucker for simplistic art that holds a complex nature to its context. I enjoy the atmosphere, the sudden glitches and the "edge" of transmission; it truly captures the distant world the two traversing fellows were exploring. The art design, and amazing detail in the sky; the numbers you see on the left, and the atmosphere's breath -- it's really immersive for being so simple, yet its highly confident of its blatantly out-of-this-world variety.

For anyone that's reading this (after you've experienced this video for its intended viewing, of course), open a new tab, look for my song "Insanctuary's Theme", mute this video, then try to quickly play this video and my song at the same time -- be amazed at how much my song goes with this beautiful visual art. By no means am I meaning to ignore the original work of art -- this is a whole new experience for people to enjoy for themselves.

Kudos, Fartur. I rarely ever watch videos, and you're another lucky person to receive an easy 5 from me. Well done, mate.