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When In Power - When In Luck

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The Real O G

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The Subatomic God

2014-04-11 20:46:06 by Insanctuary

The Subatomic God

  • If you look closely - very close - there are great things hidden inside the thresholds of reality, that we could never experientially fathom. A heart of existence that is not one, but many. The very emergence of sense, personality and life. 
  • The quicker the heart; the quicker the span of life.
    The slower the heart; the slower the span of life.
  • The greater the body; the greater the pain.
    The smaller the body; the smaller the pain.
  • Life exists to and fro; a form and faculty, as above, so below.
  • All in one; one in all.
  • The world is not a design; for it is incomplete. Such is what makes us feel, incomplete.
    The heart yearns - the heart oughts.
    The brain wants to know - wants to have.
    The world is empty, and so we, too, are empty.
  • Personality is life.
    Personality is color.
    Personality is form.
    Personality is.
  • A mirror that is clear and unprecedented, is no different than a mirror that is painted black in blindness. 
    We see ourselves in both.
    One has form; the other does not.
  • A rock is nothing, but personality liveth within us giveth the rock something.
    A rock cannot move, and yet it moves when we ought and yearn for it to move.

    A dog cannot flip and do tricks on its own.
    A dog is but a dog, and yet it is more than a dog when we ought and yearn for it.
  • Human experience, is more than naught of what it already is.
    It's greater than itself.
    Yet it is not greater than the Universe.
  • The Universe communicates in more than one language.
    The human communicates in more than one language.
  • Dogs had liveth prior to humans.
    Dogs revere to humans.
    Is it dog?
    Or is it something more?
  • Life is, without being itself.
    A myriad living in perpetuate strings of vibrations and projections.

  • So are we - without what we are.
    As a child, unbeknownst to us being all that is.
    We liveth without knowledge - without meaning.
    Personality - is all that was.

  • Why ought - why yearn for a mask?
    Why fight - why start fires?
    Why stand - why reach?
    All that is - all that can be

  • Liveth not through yourself.
    Liveth through the world.
    The ego is not self.
    The ego is the unself.
    The ought - the yearn of what cannot be.

  • Be empty - yet be full.
    Drink without expectation - in experience; not of.
    Look around you - do not veer away.
    All that is, will come, will be - always.

  • Make a reality out of your dreams - not a dream out of your reality.
    Speak for what you do not know - not what is thought to be known.
    Remember more of what you have yet to remember - before you remember what you already can.
    Liveth not for what can be - liveth for what is.

  • The world is naive; benign - not alive, not being.
    All that is gained, can be lost by what is gained.
    All that is lost, can be found by accepting what had been lost.
    The heart can only fall, when it clings.
    There is no letting go - there is only holding on.

  • The world outside of us, does not care - yet we care for it.
    The world inside of us, does care - yet we despair it.

  • Do not climb - crawl.
    Be weak.
    Be vulnerable.
    Be fearful.
    Not to others.
    To yourself.

  • Embrace what never could be.
    Embrace nothingness.
    Embrace darkness.
    Remember when the lights were out.
    Remember when your heart was lost.
    Remember when your mind was not yours.
  • Forget not what is.
    Forget all that was thought to be.

  • Forget yourself.
    Remember what you are not.

  • You speaketh as many words as the world.
    All noise.

  • Lend your hands to others.
    For you cannot use such to hold yourself.
    They will restore your love.
    You will remember.

  • Others not being people - others being the parts of you.
    Let it be - don't fight it.

  • The shadow yearns and oughts for all that you've given up.
    You yearn and ought for all that you've made up.

  • We are gods; we are voids.
    We are, without being.
    We are, without seeing.
    We are, without needing.

  • All that is discovered - was yet to be to us, but always been to what is.

  • The seeing - the unseeing.
    Both, equally disparaged.

  • A blind eye - a keen eye.
    Both, equally abused.

  • It does not matter what we have, or don't have.
    What is - being not what isn't, is what we cannot have.

  • The human experience, is not ours.
    It is for the Universe.

  • A lock of hair, is only ours when it's a part of us.
    When such is severed, we disown thereof.
  • We are not a part of - we are in part.
    We are not being - we are the result of being.

  • What made the dinosaurs, made dogs and birds.
    All that once was, still is, but is no more in form of what was.

  • The water that is, is more than what appears to be.
    It is reflection.
    It is consciousness.
    It is flow.
    It is emergence.
    It is form.
    It is life.
    It is personality.

  • The more you piece yourself together; the more the world falls apart.

  • Lest you obey the masterless.
    Lest you let go.
    Lest you face the shadow.
    Lest you escape the light.
    Lest you escape yourself.
    You have failed personality.
    You have failed reality.
    You have failed corporeality.
    You have failed humility.

  • A teacher of not what isn't.
    A teacher of what is.

  • The imagination is form, like water.
    It is not the cup.
    The cup is the Universe.
    Without the cup - there is no form to that cup.
    Reality is.
    Imagination is all that isn't.

  • Idealism is irrelevant.
    Realism is relevant.

  • What we feel, is not what is.
    What we feel, is what isn't.

  • What we know, is nothing.
    What we think we know, isn't.

  • Everything that is, was once a singularity.
    All that is, came from a singularity.

  • A heart so complex, came from a singularity.
    A society so constructed, came from a singularity.
    A world so cogent, came from a singularity.
    All that is given without beginning, cannot be.

  • The Subatomic God, is not one.
    It's not a thing.
    It is.
    It's form.
    It's young.
    It's in the making of.
    It's constant.

    Everything, is nothing of what isn't.

    Nothing, is everything that isn't.
  • The only puzzle that can be better understood when left in pieces.
    The more you try to complete it, the more it cannot be.

  • One cannot question themselves without questioning the Universe first.
    One cannot reflect, without an outside force.

  • The Universe is our mirror.
    The Universe is our heart.
    The Universe is our mind.
    The Universe is our life.

Dat Syndra

2014-04-03 13:41:09 by Insanctuary

3614832_139654726222_TrollZyndra--2.png3614832_139654785521_LOL-RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNSYNDRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png3614832_139654795561_LolSyndra-dat.png3614832_139654809342_SyndraVersusLesbianStage.png3614832_139654849063_LOLYEPEPET.png3614832_139654877791_DANCINGONYOURBODYKEN.png3614832_139654884353_ADCSYNDRA1.png3614832_139654902761_ZyndraTroll.png3614832_139654909053_ZyndraTrollEnd.png3614832_139654917652_SyndraVersusShyvanaandVladamir.png3614832_139654935532_SyndraversusZiggs.png3614832_139654948242_DOMINUS.pngDat Syndra

Astaindie Underpanticas! *poof* A correlation has appeared before us! What mystery ought to surface this time around, you ask? It's the mystery of the human eye, the human genitalia, the human heart, the human life and the forces of nature! As experiential creatures, we not only experience the forces of natural creation, but also the forces of natural disaster. See that volcano over there? That's what makes our climactic genitals so climactic! Observe the bellowing power of nature's snout, like the nose of an ox, spewing out such magnificent energy! Observe how the loins rock and quake as they increase in tension, like the shifting tectonic plates found below earth's crust! The human body is creating life out of the dangerous forces of nature, explaining why sex always becomes rougher near the peak of the climax.

The human genitalia has a secret power -- it can take the form of a starfish (the ass), the heart (behind the tip of the penis), the brain (the scrotum) and the brain's stem (the penis). Our genitalia are symbolic masses of flesh and appearance which represent the basics of life. Wait, there's more! Observe my avatar to the left; the one with the naked man. You have to look at the man's ass and the back of the man's shoulders to make out a "torso", that "torso" that you see is really the making of a turtle's body! Wait, there's more! If you understand the dualistic nature of reality, you'll also have the ability to make out the dualistic formation between the genitalia and the human head (the penis/scrotum; the brain/stem)! Be amazed! The human body has more than one dimension, depending on how you look at it. The human head is the "penis" of the "torso" I mentioned, while the human penis is the "head" of the actual "torso" that we all generally see already. This dualistic feature is much like how an animal has genitalia and a tail.

The human eye secretes liquid upon tension and release, just like the human genitalia. The human pupil does not have a slit, while the opening of the eye does have a slit, which controls tears. Cats and snakes have slits in their eyes to control the light that is drawn in, due to sensitivity to light. Our genitalia have slits to control our urine, waste or semen. The human language is based on the Universe, which is where all of our "experiences", "ideas" and "functionalities" come from. This means that while naming things we observe, we're "inspired" by the "like"ness of that object compared to another object, i.e a sunflower looks like the sun -- this allows us to subconsciously make more sense out of the world then we consciously are aware of. We call the penis the snake, while the slit is found in the snake eye; we call the pussy a pussy (cat), while the slit is found in the cat eye! There is a relationship found in the snake, cat, eye, slit and genitalia via function.

The human heart has 4 stages in chamber developement: fish > frog > turtle > human. The human body consists of a turtle's body in metaphoric form!

Thus we can conclude there is a bigger picture to even our genitalia, and that all life originated from the ocean. This will be for Day 2, however. For now, this will be left to ponder.



The theory, in summary, is representing the possibility that the inferential components behind the terms: consciousness/water; ego/gravity, are proving to be of significant distinction upon acknowledging the correlation they all share -- as one.

A much more coherent and tangible example of my theory is here:

Human body equals planet body. Both bodies contain an electromagnetic source surrounding its shell; both bodies contain mineral, water and, as I argue it, the ego, which is the eye of gravity; the "eye" that pulls in matter in its more recognizable form. Water conducts electricity. Gravity affects water. Water currents, electrical currents, air currents all travel the same way. Air is affected by gravity. Everything we observe is not the thing, in itself, but a metaphor which represents the forces that created the object/subject. Therefore gravity is NOT just physical, it comes in a metaphysical form, such as consciousness. We are disillusioned too much to understand why this makes sense, because we are still looking at ourselves as an individual unique vessel, rather than ANOTHER metaphor that is as much of a part of the Universe as any other metaphor! We are as much as a planet, as those planets in the solar system. We are tiny systems of the main system, and the Universe extracts these tiny systems which represents itself under a thousand metaphoric masks; we aren't gaining knowledge/information -- we are CONSUMING knowledge/information. We think what we are doing is "casually taking in information", but we, being like planets, and borne into this world through the parts of a star, are also consuming everything around us exactly like galaxies! We are literally role-playing planets, stars and galaxies on a much smaller scale, and this theory is going to prove it -- I am determined and confident. I'm not the fool here -- the fool is one that separates themselves from what manifested their existence, the planet's existence, the star's existence and every other individual force that exists in itself, or in apparent form! This world is NOT intrinsically physical -- this world is TRANSCENDENTALLY physical. We are NOT intrinsically metaphysical -- we are TRANSCENDENTALLY metaphysical! We are APPARENT existence, within an existing Universe! We are the reflection in the mirror in the eyes of the Universe...

"The Universe is still young and metaphorically distinguishing itself. It wears a thousand masks -- it may wear a thousand more. There's no telling the direction of the Universe because there isn't one."

"The Universe is "everything" as it is, and "nothing" as it seems." How else could "one" picture say a "thousand" words? Unless...

Metaphors are duplicitous.

2014-03-11 13:25:18 by Insanctuary

Does that entail that this world is naturally duplicitous? "Duplicity" is a man-made construct, however being stranded in the middle of a desert helps demonstrate how we do not survive only by what is tangible and physical, but also by what is intangible and metaphysical (duplicitous, by nature). That alone determines we are both physical and metaphysical, much like the world, itself. What is strange, though, is that the universe started metaphysical and then slowly turned physical; we, on the other hand, started physical, and then slowly turned metaphysical. What's more interesting, is that people have a choice to turn metaphysical, or remain physical. Like us being physical, and our reflection in the mirror being metaphysical; it appears that we come from the opposite side of the spectrum. Why is this? Unless... there is truth to which the entire universe is perpetually reincarnating not through life/death, but through physical/metaphysical form. If this can be axiomatically demonstrated, it could then prove that life is naturally duplicitous. It's all based on make-believe and acting, in life, no? It's all based on metaphors and reactions, in sub-life, yes?

I never did seem to understand why so many people believe that winning an argument is based on arguing the distension rather than the discussion. If your feelings are imploding based on the context and interactivity of the discussion, then it's blatant enough to understand who is stagnating and who is sensible... If your feelings are hurt, or your body is convulging from the obscene level of force, then this doesn't mean that what caused it is a falsification -- in fact, it's quite the opposite. Thinking being offended equates to being the victim is very counter-intuitive. Anyone that spends more time arguing their lack of position in an argument is clearly losing upon their engagement. Nobody -- nobody -- that actually understands the heart of the discussion will ever argue about the difficulty between one and the other, as to imply that its hopeless between them and the other; they would address it formally and intellectually. The whole "you hurt my feelings", is essentially "truth hurts" -- if it wasn't "true", in the slightest degree, it would have NO EFFECT, however it does because there's a correlation between what hurts you, and yourself. Therefore, arguing is not about "rationalizing" -- it's about "reasoning" -- something only few people in this world have gained the intellectual privilege to take responsibility in. The rest are simply children, or children in "matured bodies" that want to believe they have things figured out; the moment they based their argument upon absence rather than presence, is the moment their misconstructivity defines them more than constructivity. If you have gone so far beyond the "balance" state of being, and it comes to the point that everything that isn't you, defines you, it's verily certain that you're a black hole that should have no influence or inspiration on anybody, if you can't even influence or inspire yourself, hence why you're always arguing people to reassure yourself and fill in your holes again, just like sex and greed.